SEDC Solar


Is there any cost?

No, the system is complete free. There are no upfront fees and no maintenance fees.

Is there any process to qualify?

The only process is to see if your roof is acceptable for the system. If for some reason it is not and we can’t fix it, then you wouldn’t qualify.

I’m a renter can I participate in the program?

Yes, with the owner’s permission any renter can participate.

What happens if I move?

The agreement will transfer to the new owner. This would make your home easier to sell because you could essentially give the new owner free power for the remainder of the term!

What happens if I want to take the system off?

You may buy out the rest of the contract at the agreed upon price in your agreement.

How long is the contract?

20 years

Who maintains the system?

We do. You don’t need to do anything and unless you damage it on purpose we will cover all cost to maintain and repair the system in the event of any event that damages the system.

Will I have power if the electricity goes out in the city?

Yes, in a limited sense. Meaning you would have lights, wifi and basic electricity like refrigeration, appliances, but you would not be able to run large central loads (AC).

What’s included with the program?

Solar Panels and installation on your home’s roof

Power Pod 2 battery system from Electriq Power and installation

Cost-free maintenance for the entire 20-year duration of the program

Sounds great how do I get started?

Just sign the PPA and we will schedule a site visit to see if your roof qualifies!