Go Green and Get a Solar + Battery Storage System for Your Home at No Cost!

It’s time to start saving and generating renewable energy for your home.

No Cost Solar + Battery Storage System

Generate & Store Energy

100% Renewable Energy

Save Money on Electricity

Support Your Community

Go green and reduce your electricity bill with the SEDC Solar Program. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind that your home will be protected from future power outages.

This special program is bringing solar and battery storage to residents in your area and covers all upfront costs, as well as all maintenance for your system. Additionally, there are no monthly or annual fees and no hidden costs whatsoever.

Get Savings, Security and Sustainability with the SEDC Solar Program:

  • Energy Generated & Stored is Yours for Free, No Catch

  • Go Green with 100% Renewable Energy

  • Peace of Mind You’re Protected from Power Outages

  • No Cost for the Solar Panels, Battery System & Installation

  • Maintenance & Warranty Included

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