How It Works

How It Works

1. Initial Assessment

We come out to your house, church or business to ensure that your roof is a good fit for our program.

2. Sign a PPA

Sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) which outlines that SEDC leases your roof and you get the power.

3. Installation

We install solar panels and a battery backup system.

Did you know between 5:00 and 10:00 pm are the hours that energy companies typically charge 3-4x? We can program your battery to be used primarily during those hours.

4. Maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance, a + 24/7 help line, as well as a dashboard so you can see the solar savings.

Free Solar


Lower Bills

Less Carbon

No Cost
to You

No increase in property taxes
No monthly or yearly fees or hidden costs

Community Shelter

Place of refuge for disasters or blackouts
Retain lights, internet, freezers, and other functions critical for community needs

Sustainable Impact

Solar provides direct CO2 offsets

Benefits to You

  • Greatly reduced electric bill – for most completely free
  • Energy generated and stored by the microgrid is yours, for free, no catch
  • Government programs (“SREC”) pays for the system, not you
  • Roofs repairs can even be included as required
  • Solar & batteries powers lights, wifi, refrigeration, and some air conditioning in the event of blackouts or other emergency community scenarios